Top 5 iPhone Gadgets to gift this Xmas

17 Dec 2015

When it comes to iPhone, there’s hardly any other brand in the smartphone arena that can stand beside it, and can compete with its integrated features and functionalities.

Let’s face it; when iPhone hit the shelves of the mobile world, the entire tech-world went gaga and started drooling over its specification, and even today when Steve Jobs is not among us, the charm of this feature-packed smartphone hasn’t faded a bit rather it has become one of the most sought-after smartphones among those who are always on the lookout for an advanced and avant-garde smartphone.

So, on this Xmas, if you want to please someone you love, adore and respect, there is nothing but the iPhone gadgets that can best convey your message. This is going to be your best Xmas gift to express your love and gratitude.

However, due to the availability of a large number of iPhone gadgets, it is quite tough to choose which is the best. To make it easier for you, I have brought to you top iPhone gadgets that will not only appeal your near and dear ones, but also convey your message in a better way.

So, here are the top five iPhone gadgets that you can gift to your gadget freak friends and relatives this Christmas.


1.     The Smartphone Charging Cable Pen

One of the kick-ass gadgets that you can gift on this Christmas is the smartphone charging cable pen, which, though, looks like a simple ball pen, in actuality, it does more than that. The easy-to-carry pen plus charging cable is a ballpoint pen, which comes built-in with a cable. You can use the pen not only for your daily writing needs, but you can also twist the barrel of this pen and convert it into a charging cable. This ballpoint pen plus cable can charge your iPad, Tablets, Smartphone. Just connect the USB port of the pen to your computer, and enjoy charging your smartphone whenever, wherever  you need it. The best part is that you can anytime replenish the ink cartridge with normal widely available refills.


2.     Galileo Bluetooth Robotic Platform

The next level gadget, Galileo is the iPhone dock that you can control from anywhere across the globe. The dock opens the amazing world of photography skill at your fingertips. It can click high-quality spherical panoramas automatically with ease. You can spoil Galileo as a baby monitor or for home surveillance while you are sitting miles away from your family and controlling the device from iOS. This great gadget uses Bluetooth wireless technology, and  is easily mountable with a tripod of ¼”, and you can easily recharge the gadget with an integrated battery.


3. Bluetooth Selfie Remote control Keychain

If your friend is a selfie king/queen, gift him/her this keychain that is an expert in clicking selfies even when you are 30 feet apart.  You have to pair the device with your phone and the job is done. Click the button and this incredible easy remote shutter keychain allows you to take the best selfies you have ever had.


4. Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder

Does your friend love pet, but is unable to take care well because of the busy schedule or hectic works? Be the best buddy and gift him/her the Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder. The gadget is an ultimate feeder that automatically serves the exact portion of food as you have commanded for your pet when you are not at home. You need to download the app on your iPhone, and your remote feeder is ready. It is just a button away to handle, and gives you the liberty to control your pet's’ food. You can program the customized schedule for the feeding when you are out of your home for some days. You can schedule, reschedule the feeding time, manage the portion size, and receive notification regarding feeding activities and battery life. The gadget is tailored exclusively to meet all the needs of your pet.


5. Gecko Grip Cling- On Sticky Pad

Driving and using your iPhone simultaneously is like calling the accident at your doorstep. Gift this gadget to your careless, but a very close friend whom you care most. The gadget acts as a sticky pad and cling onto any kind of surface. You just have to put your phone on speaker mode and stick it to the pad that provides adhesive-free grip, and you can safely drive and talk. The gadget is water and temperature resistant.

So, gifting any of these amazing iPhone gadgets on this Christmas can make you the best gift-giver of 2015!