Selfie Technology Taking Flight

27 Jan 2016

Move over selfie stick there is a new technology in site that is taking over and hoping to become the next big way people take pictures of themselves. The gadget in question is the new palm-sized autonomous drone called the ONAGOfly. This drone uses a GPS and uses technology to automatically recognize smiles and avoid obstacles. It is also going for an affordable weight.

Usually for drones the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has to be involved for self-flying drones. Of the nearly 300,000 drones most have registered with the institutions.

However the new drone is so miniscule that it does not to be recorded into the registry of drones as it comes it at only 0.3 lbs. The rules for the FAA are that 0.55 lbs or 250 grams is the limit that must be registered and this drone zooms right under that regulation.

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Cool Innovations to Make Your Life Easier

20 Jan 2016


The best part of good sci fi is always the gadgets that are incorporated into the futuristic daily life. Teleporters, food rehydrators, personal robotic assistants, and the like. Some of the imaginings of past generations really did become a reality because of their better-world dreamings. Cell phones were modeled after Star Trek communicators, after all.

So consider these modern-day minor improvements as one step closer to the flying cars that we’ve been waiting for since we were kids.

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