Cool Innovations to Make Your Life Easier

20 Jan 2016


The best part of good sci fi is always the gadgets that are incorporated into the futuristic daily life. Teleporters, food rehydrators, personal robotic assistants, and the like. Some of the imaginings of past generations really did become a reality because of their better-world dreamings. Cell phones were modeled after Star Trek communicators, after all.

So consider these modern-day minor improvements as one step closer to the flying cars that we’ve been waiting for since we were kids.


The Amazon Echo

According to one Facebook reviewer, “Ever since I got it, I never have to touch light switches, manually set up music, check a weather app, look at the time, or so much more. Literally, you just have to ask and it’ll get a task done. It’s like having a very very, very early version of Tony Stark’s Jarvis. Coolest thing ever.”


Rotorazer Saw

It’s a tiny handheld saw with seven different saws for different DIY jobs. It’s infinitely practical. Why haven’t they done this before?


Hourglass Crosswalk Lights

You can never tell when you’ll have juuust enough time to scamper across the street without running the risk of the light changing while you do so. This nifty idea will be a game-changer for pedestrians.


Baby Stroller Scooters

For the parent on the go. Who says your kids have to slow you down? It’s not high tech. It’s just fun and useful.


A Timer for Plugged-In Devices

This costs under $10 and it’s a serious safety investment. It’s an easy little timer that automatically shuts things off or turns them on at specific times. So for example, you could program your curling iron to start heating up when you begin your morning routine, and have it shut off when you head out the door; you’ll never forget to switch it off and then worry that you might’ve burnt down the house all day.


Smart Microwaves

Microwaves were once the ultimate at-home tech innovation that made everyone’s life easier. They’re still pretty impressive. But now they’re smarter. This microwave can scan barcodes on the food that you purchase so it can cook it perfectly without the guesswork. Just scan the barcode and it’ll go to work.


Interactive Cooktops

It sounds a little stupid; until you think about how cool it would actually be. This one isn’t actually available yet, but experts are predicting that this will be in your home soon, and it’ll redefine how kitchens will look and work. It’s basically a giant touchscreen that also cooks your food for you. Control temperature, pull up recipes, get instructions, or even check the freshness of food. Just set what you need on the tabletop and you’re ready to get cooking.