Top Tech Toys Your Kids Really Want

02 Dec 2015

The holidays are racing towards us, whether you’re ready for them or not. Have you checked off everything on their wishlist? If you’re struggling to find that hot new tech toy for your impossible-to-buy-for nephew or if you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your own kids, these top tech toys will earn you the title of Best Gift-Giver of 2015. Take that, Santa.


Hello Barbie ($75)

Barbie’s changed a lot since you were a kid. Now she can connect to your Wifi. Equipped with speech-recognition technology, Barbie can hold real conversations with your elated kids. She can play games, learn their name, tell stories, and more. Programmed with over 8,000 lines of speech and capable of remembering information, they can just download the Hello Barbie app and have lengthy philosophical discussions with their doll all day!


Dot and Dash ($199 for both)

Dot and Dash are 2015’s cutest little robot friends. Dash is the more creative of the duo; it dances and sings like a star. Dot is the more analytical of the two; it plays games and riddles with your kids. Best of all, the accompanying apps will teach your kids how to operate their new robot companions, and it even lays the groundwork for basic coding skills. These are age-appropriate for kindergarteners through fifth-graders, so everyone is sure to love Dot and Dash.


Crayola’s Color Alive ($6+)

This is a simple little bit of tech to create even more possibilities in coloring. If your kids love to color, you can amp it up with Color Alive. They offer a line of coloring books that include seven crayons, plus one “special effects” crayon. After their masterpiece is complete, you can view the art on the accompanying app to watch their handiwork really come to life.


Kurio Smart Windows Tablet ($200)

If your tween has been begging your for a tablet or laptop, here is the perfect compromise. The Kurio Smart Windows Tablet is great for both schoolwork and play. It boasts more than 40 pre-loaded apps, a 9-inch touch screen, a detachable keyboard, and 32GB of storage. Best of all: it offers full parental controls. It’s safe, sturdy, and it’ll get your kids off your back about that smartphone. Recommended for ages 9 and older.


New Nintendo 3DS XL ($200)

For a tried and true gem, the newest Gameboy is sure to please every kid. But now it features 3D face-tracking tech and NFC functionality on top of a line of new technologically advanced games.


Kidizoom Smartwatch DX ($65)

Now kids ages 4 and up can have the hottest tech toy: a smartwatch. It has tons of memory, so kids can take photos and video. There’s a motion sensor for interactive action challenges, and it’s pre-loaded with 8 touchscreen games, with more available for you to download. It also has the standard timer, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, and calculator. Yes, it even tells time! Plus, it looks super snazzy. Even adults will be jealous of this kid-friendly smartwatch.