5 Impressive iGoogle Front Page Alternatives You Need To Consider

15 Jan 2016

Google personalized homepage (iGoogle) is a history now. From its launch in May 2005 to its extinction in November 2013, the front page has gathered an enormous appreciation for its unavoidable features like creating special gadgets without the need of API, vibrant themes, support for RSS feed reading, etc.

Anyhow, after the discontinuance of iGoogle, the big questions is, what are the other alternatives available that are equally worthy as iGoogle and impressive enough to replace the one-time favorite page of approximately 1 million people.

As the end of every great gadget is either a start of the new and more refined gadget or comeback of the less used gadget. The down of iGoogle has replenished by some other front pages that worked perfectly for the alternative of our beloved iGoogle.



A front page, which is uncluttered, fast and user-friendly, is the forte of Protopage. The page is user-oriented and lets you customize your page in no time. Every standard feature that you may desire to have in your personal page can be found here. You may easily pace up with the news podcasts, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook; you can resize the widgets as per the comfort and uses. You can have your own widget for news feeds, podcasts, and cartoons feed.

On the whole, the page almost has 750 pre-loaded search engines in the search box, with the facility of visual customization.


My Yahoo

Those who are already using Yahoo for personal mail and other purposes know very well about My Yahoo front page. Even though, iGoogle got all the hype during its regime, My Yahoo has always been there for its users.

However, after iGoogle, Yahoo is getting much-awaited attentions after undergoing  a major overhaul. The page facilitates to import all iGoogle settings and offers many features quite like iGoogle. The highly customizable web page, My Yahoo has emerged as a viable alternative of iGoogle.



People who are addicted to social media and can do anything to get social media feed without interruption, NetVibes is a single stop destination without the second thought. The page is loaded with more than 96000 apps that allow the highest extent of customization as compared to any other page.

Although searching apps and RSS feed, here is a big headache, the page allows switching views between app view and reader view to check the page as an onlooker. With all so good and not so good features, NetVibes offers coolest help section that is extremely easy to understand even to those who are new to any personal page.



Seriously, if you think Netvibes and MyYahoo have great features and you love to work on both, save your time and effort just choosing My MSN. Apart from the self-said description about easy to browse from hundreds of sources, it has a similar layout as NetVibes and MyYahoo. Although, it does not mean MyMSN lacks some uniqueness. MYMSN continues to go on updating itself with the latest headlines in the various categories such as news, entertainment, technology and many other categories that you may not find on others such sources.

For example; if you are in need of car loan, simply type in the required keywords like title loans San Antonio, you will get a number of relevant results and taken to the page that can best cater to your needs in terms of car loans, title loans.



Well, without StartMe, my list is incomplete. This is because StartMe brings you all that you wish to look for, for instance; speed, performance, cleanness, UX, synchronization, easy search, widgets, and apps, bookmarking, gadgets, sports, and so on.

As opposed to its competitors, it works great and performs outstandingly. There is no ads, no clutter, no blah blah, an entirely clean page with magnificent UX and a jet speed adding bookmarks. Besides, it allows you to synchronize with offline caching, as well. So, what more you want?